HDA Rockcellence Inc. is a Canadian-based company with its offices in Europe. Our main field of operations is organising and carrying out educational programmes worldwide, with the intention of bringing together young ambitious individuals and successful entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to become a leading company, serving as a bridge between the academic and business world, with the main goal of transferring applied knowledge to young individuals through international experience.

Our mission is to facilitate business education through the platform of our programs, conferences, seminars and courses, which are designed to enable a higher employability, and representing the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur as well.

HDA Rockcellence Inc.

770 Brown’s Line, Toronto, ON 

M8W 3W2, Canada

Business number: 808 162 168

Bank account is open at:

BMO Bank of Montreal

100 King St. W, Toronto, ON M5X 1A3

Swift Code: BOFMCAM2

Transit and bank account number: 00021880000

(4 digit Transit) (7 digit account number)

Note: For funds coming from Europe, IBAN code is the same as the 4-digit transit number and 7-digit BMO bank account number (without spaces or dashes). Direct Payment Routing Number as: //CC000100022 (where the last 5 digit is the branch transit number)



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